Sunday School
Connect Groups

"Where Faith and Life Connect"

At White House First United Methodist Church, we believe that growth and healing happens when we walk alongside one another. Our Sunday School Connect Groups happen each week between our contemporary and traditional services. We have groups for all ages and seasons of life. Find a group today!


Meets in Room 103A

This is a group of singles and couples who use a variety of topical and/or scriptural studies. Informal discussions often begin with structured study and lead into life application lessons, guiding the class down the path of discovering their purpose in God’s world - sometimes with tears but most always with laughter.

New Beginnings

Meets in  the Church Parlor

We are a group of growing Christians who find that reading the Bible is the best way to better understand our spiritual history, origins and beliefs. We do this by selecting a book of the Bible and read through it, all the while discussing how to apply teachings in the Bible to our daily lives. We share, we pray, and we have a good time!


Meets in Room 121

Members of the Friendship Class are primarily middle to senior aged adults, but all are welcome. Through the International Lessons and Bible Study, the class helps adults understand the meaning and authority of the Bible for Christian life, with class discussion and lecturing as a way of learning. A  communication chain lets us relay joys and concerns and update the class prayer list.

Directionally Challenged

Meets in Room 123

We are a group who wants to explore and deepen our faith at a time in our lives when life itself seems challenging. We welcome adults of all ages and stages of life.  We use small group studies that encourage discussion.  Our goal is to be a support system for our members, as well as the church, and we hope our enthusiasm is contagious!


Meets in Room 134

When you reach the “Crossroads”... which way are you going to take?  Can both roads be correct and lead you to God?  That is what the Crossroads group is all about.  We look at “life” and how to live every day for God. Remember, do not tell God how big your storm is... tell the storm how big your God is.


Meets in the Fellowship Hall

Made up of couples and singles who are on the plus side of 40.  We enjoy sharing our faith, life experiences and studying scripture and how it relates to our everyday lives.  Our curriculum is flexible and is led by volunteers from the class.

Bible Study

Meets in the Old Parsonage

A multigenerational group of people with diverse viewpoints who enjoy coming together on Sunday mornings to share our joys, sorrows and life experiences in the hope of building up each other through the study of the Bible.