Dear Members and Friends,

During these unusual times, when stress and anxiety are widespread, we want to reach out and let you know that we are as committed to our mission -- and to you -- as ever before.

Although the doors to the church buildings are shuttered for the time being, and social distancing limits our contact in the world, our ministries in Christ’s name continue. Through the sermons and notes of encouragement we are posting online, and through the people’s prayers, devotions, phone calls and texts to one another, acts of mercy, and other creative turns, we continue Jesus’ ministry!

Although we are dealing with unusual uncertainty, we are people of hope. We are people of hope united as Christ-followers. And we are also united as citizens.  We are all together in facing these unprecedented times.

While these are trying days, we are optimistic and know that we will all come out stronger than ever, together.  Social distancing does not mean social isolation.  We're in this together!

We are here to help however we can, and in the best ways that we can.

Sending well wishes to you and your families. And as always, know we are just a phone call and a click away.

Grace and Peace,

Lloyd> 931-639-2898

Becky> 615-672-7400

Francie> 615-483-0113

Sam> 615-613-4376

David> 615-337-6032

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•GIVING AND DONATIONS are easy using our App.  It’s a snap to keep up with your tithes and offerings.  Remember: missions, pay roll, insurance, utilities, etc. continue.